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Tools -> Admin -> SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION:: -> Import Data


If you import data by error it may be difficult and costly to remove. 
If you require assistance from Support in cleaning up these errors, it may be at a cost to you. 
Please contact support if you are unsure or have any questions before you undertake any data importing. 

Before You Start:

  • The file must be a single CSV (Comma Separated Values) file
  • The data should be enclosed by a " (Double Quotations)
  • The data should be separated by a , (Comma)
  • The data should be escaped by a \ (Slash)
  • After uploading the file you will be asked which columns to insert into which database fields.
  • You can import Company & Contact data, or Candidate data. You cannot import Contact data singularly - it must be imported together with Company data.


  • Browse & Upload the CSV file from where it is saved
  • Select the 'Upload To:' fields against the data
  • If you are importing data with Country specified, remember to select the 'Country' import field, otherwise the Country will not be imported and this will make searching within Recruit Online very time consuming.
  • If your data is missing a field which you would also like to import, you can do this at the bottom of the screen in the 'Custom Fields' section. You can enter up to 4 custom fields.
  • You can choose to either skip the first row, skip the first 2 rows, or do not skip any rows.
  • If you are inserting Company & Contact data, you can select if you would like the Contacts to be added to a specific user's Sales List (My List) if required.