Integrating your VOIP system with ROL

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If you are using a VOIP system for your business then you can take advantage of the RecruitOnline VOIP integration that will allow for both click to call a number from RecruitOnline and also automatic look up for a candidate or client contact when a call is received by your VOIP system.

Example VOIP Integration Setup

Naturally, the first thing you are going to need is a VOIP system and depending on the one that you use it may impact on your ability to use the VOIP integration in ROL. The following is an overview of the set up we use for RecruitOnline's own integration.

  • Hosted PBX Provider - we use MaxoTel for our VOIP phone accounts
  • VOIP Softphone for Desktop computer - we use Zoiper for the desktop computer software needed to make and receive calls from a desktop computer. (we also use their free mobile app on our mobile phones to make and receive VOIP calls on mobile.
  • A click to dial addon for your browser - eg for chrome etc - needed to recognise a telephone number and connecting it to a call action in your VOIP softphone dialer.

Setting Up VOIP Incoming Call ROL feature

To use your VOIP Softphone to search ROL for the Client Contact or Candidate calling you will need to be able to add an Event Rule (ie an action that occurs when a call is received). In Zoiper it is done by going into Settings>Automation and adding an event rule.


To get the Softphone to interact with ROL you need the rule to open up a page in your ROL system based on the phone number of the incoming call. So the url (web address you enter) needs to be a combination of the ROL page function and the string/value for the phone number.

For example - to set up the feature for a ROL database called we would enter the following url :{phone} in Zoiper.

So for your ROL system it would be a combination of the following;

  • Your ROL URL : eg
  • The ROL VOIP Page: /voip.lookup?phone=
  • Your Softphone's string/value for phone number = eg in Zoiper it is {phone}

Click to Call

As indicated above, you will need to have a VOIP system and desktop Softphone set up and then it is just a matter of clicking on any of the phone fields in a Client, Client Contact & Candidate record.

eg in the candidate record below;


Automatic number look up

As indicated above, you will need to have a VOIP system and desktop Softphone and the ROL incoming call feature set up for this to work.

When a call is received it will recognise the number as either being a number for a specific Client Contact or Candidate and open up that specific record in ROL. Otherwise if it is a number that is shared between Contacts or Candidates it will bring up a list of potential callers.