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What is a Job Profile?

A Job Profile is a set of criteria that restrict & regulate the talent pools associated with vacancies. They consist of:

  • Keyword Parameters - Skills, Attributes, etc
  • Compliances - Licences, Police Checks, etc -> see Candidate: Compliances

Screenshot of Job Profile Edit

Job profile edit.png

What are Job Profiles for?

Job Profiles enforce strict compliance rules so that only appropriate candidates are contained in talent pools. This means that - once configured correctly - a wide range of criteria can be configured over a wide range of roles which enable Recruiters to undertake high volume placement without a manual inspection of each record to ensure compliance.

These are powerful tools to remove gaps in selection and compliance processes.

Usage Recommendations

Use Job Profiles if the types of vacancies you are filling share common patterns of criteria. For example if you are placing Stores personnel and you have Keywords like: Storesperson and compliances like: FLT Licence.

Usage Notes

  • Job Profiles can apply to many different Rates Schedules / Pay Codes in RecruitOnline
  • Job Profiles can also be applied to DBS Job Names
  • Avoid making them too specific if you want to apply them to a diverse group of vacancies
    • Perhaps consider having different tiers of Job Profiles that apply increasing levels of complexity so that you can choose the appropriate Job Profile that is aligned with the needs of your client
  • Some Keywords can be modified on the candidate portal - take this into account when setting up Job Profiles. If a Keyword needs to be vetted to ensure quality of data then it should not be published to the Candidate Portal

Fill Report

Below is an example image of the fill report.


  • The candidates listed with a tick at the end of their row are candidates who are compliant (they match the criteria entered on the specific Job Profile) and are able to be placed into the vacancy.
  • The last row shows the non-compliant candidate; this candidate can not be placed into the vacancy as they have an expired compliance.
    • This feature helps you evaluate levels of compliance within your database and alerts the user to update the record
  • Note that the distance to the work site is given as an indicator
    • This is based on the postcode of the client and candidate

Job profile talen pool.png

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