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The Job Search facility of the candidate portal is where you can search for jobs that your Recruitment agency are currently recruiting.

Simply select your preferences from the menus on the screen and click 'Search for Job'.

Selecting from the menus

  • First choose a Job Group
  • From here, you can narrow your selection by choosing Job Type/s from the list, or you can select none for a broader results set.
    • If you choose to select a Job Type, you can select more than by holding the Ctrl button and clicking on the job titles at the same time.
  • Next select a Location of which you are looking to work
    • You may choose to leave this blank if you would like to see jobs from ALL locations
    • You can also choose more than one location by holding the Ctrl button and making your selection/s.
  • Last, select the Employment Type you are after.
    • You must select at least one employment type (by default, all are selected)


If your selected criteria does not show any results, you can clear the form and try again, this time widening your search (possibly choose a Job Group only and leave the Job Type blank or change/add to your Location sought).

You can also browse the jobs list by job type and location by clicking the links for 'Jobs by Type' and 'Jobs by Location' .

View a Job

If you like the sound of the short description of a position, click the position title to display the advertisement and more detail.

Apply for a Job

In the advertisement view, scroll down & click the 'Apply' button, then follow the steps on the online application form.

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