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Within ROL you are able to use the inbuilt Key Performance Indicator (KPI) methodology and customise this to suit your organisation.

How it Works

Driven by the core principal If it is not in ROL, it did not happen, people make activity notes in the database against the relevant Contact, Candidate & Company records. These notes are made in line with your organisation's policies and you organisation has the ability to customise the note types and apply a KPI points value against any notes type.

For example, you organisation may define a number of Contact note types - e.g. example definitions for an organisation's note types;

Activity Type = Candidate Float

  • Used when “floating” a candidate on spec to a client. It is used when you are proactively contacting a client (or prospective client) about a candidate that may be of interest to them – rather than when you are working on an existing recruitment assignment for a client.

Activity Type = Client Call

  • Used when you make or receive a call from an existing client. It is only used when you actually speak to a Client Contact so it is not applicable when we leave a message or send/receive an email. While it is intended that most calls will be made with the intention of increasing our business opportunities, this note subject is to cover any type of conversation (other than candidate floats) with clients.

*A client is defined as a company that has been invoiced for our services from your specific division within the last 12 month period.

Your organisation can decide on the terms (words used) for each activity type and create activity types for Contacts, Candidates & Companies.

Setting KPI Points Values

Against each of the defined Activity Types (for Contacts, Candidates & Companies) your organisation can elect to add a KPI Points value.

In doing this, your organisation can elect to use a 'one for one' KPI points system (e.g. 1 Client Call = 1 KPI Point) or a weighted KPI points system (e.g. 1 Client Call = 2 points). An advantage of a weighted KPI points system is that an organisation is effectively able to guide staff into activities that are more beneficial for the organisation.

Setting KPI Points Targets

Against each ROL user you are able to set whether a staff member is in a role where KPI points are measured and, if they are, what the weekly KPI Point target is.

KPI Reporting

You can find KPI reports under the Reports menu in the toolbar.

KPI Report - All Users

  • View all users' weekly KPI's achievements

KPI Report - Select User

  • View a certain users' weekly KPI's report

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