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An important part of RecruitOnline is the various processes used to manage talent pools within your system and a key part of these involves understanding how Keywords, Compliances and Job Profiles work.

A common challenge facing recruitment businesses is ensuring that all staff adhere to policies and procedures and this challenge is only increased as the agency grows. While having well defined policies and procedures goes along way to minimising some of the risk it is also essential that your business systems provide a framework to enforce your risk management processes.

The Compliances feature in RecruitOnline does just that - it allows you to set up specific compliance requirements and enforces these compliances across your business.

For example, you may have a 'compliance' that all Clients must have signed terms and conditions of business or that a specific Temporary/On Hire assignment requires a licence / police clearance / qualification. The Compliance feature in ROL gives you the framework in order to ensure that these processes are met before Temporary/On Hire Staff can placed in an assignment.

The Job Profiles function allows you to combine the Keywords (eg Position Sought/Skills etc) with Licence/Compliance requirements to quickly find the specific people needed for a booking.

A common refrain from recruiters is "I can't find anyone in the database" and it is well worth your agencies time to become experts on how to use each of the keyword, compliance, candidate availability and job profile sections to ensure that the ROL system is kept up to date and is able to be used to best suit your business.

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