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In some instances, you may have a group of candidates, contacts or companies which you want to add a particular keyword to. Instead of doing this manually, clicking through each record, taking up a considerable amount of time, there is a feature in Recruit On Line which allows you to add a keyword to a results list (of either candidates, contacts or companies) at once.

Firstly, bring up a list of the candidates/contacts/companies which you want to add the keyword/s to. This can be done multiple ways; you may like to use the 'Search' functions, 'Keywords' function, or if they are listed on your client list use the 'My List' function to bring up your search results list.

Once you have your list:

  • Other -> Advanced -> System Administration -> 'Keywords: Bulk Add'
  • Three options appear; Candidates / Clients / Companies.
    • Click the 'View' link to check which list you want to use then go back to the previous screen.
  • Click on the button of the list of results of which you want to add keywords to
  • Select the keyword table from the list
  • Select the keyword name/s from the list & click 'Next'.

The keyword/s selected are now inserted into the records' 'Keywords' list.


I want to add a new keyword to the list - How do I do this?

You can insert new keywords by following the procedures here: Manage Keywords. If you need to insert new keywords, this needs to be done prior to doing the Bulk Add process above.