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Any candidates who have been added to your library through the 'Documents Search' -> 'Browse Documents' feature will appear in a list report here.

User can view this list:

  • by Date
  • by Group (if the file has a 'Group' description inserted)

Users can also add other documents from Client and Candidate records to their Document Library by doing the following from the record in ROL:

Client or Candidate record -> Documents:

Save doc library.png

The file will then appear on your Document Library:

Save doc library 2.png

Remove File from List

  • Click the red cross X to remove the file.

Edit the File Info

  • Click the pen on paper icon to edit the description / notes against the file.

View the File Text

  • Click on the document icon to view the file in plain text in the Browse Documents screen.

Download the File

  • Click the green downward arrow icon to download the document file.

View Candidate Record

  • Click the candidates' name on the list to go directly to their record in Recruit Online.
    • What do the icons next to the candidates' name mean? ROL Icons