Link jobs from TradeMe to Your Site

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Instructions for linking job advertisements on TradeMe for candidates to apply through your Website:

  • Log in to TradeMe
  • When posting a new job, or go to Edit an existing job, in the 'Listing Details' section, enter the JREF# of the Recruiter job into the 'Your Reference #' space.
    • The JREF# can be found in the Recruiter section of Recruit Online.
    • Click to view the list of jobs.
    • The 3rd column in is 'JREF#:' and this is where the JREF # is specified for each job listed.
  • The next step is at the bottom of the TradeMe form, under 'Application Details'.
  • Next to 'Online Applications', select the 'Via my website' button, and enter in this url with NO spaces:
  • At the end of the url, after the equals sign (=), enter the JREF# again here, again with NO spaces, so it would look something like this:
  • Proceed to the next steps, post the job online, and watch the applications roll in through Recruit Online.
  • For any applications received, the Consultant of that particular job will be notified via email, specifying the candidate's name and details, and job applied for.