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Each client billing location (or Client Code) needs to be set up with a Division and WIC code. This is so that only the Divisions who are authorized to raise invoices for this client location can do so, and any that try to do so will not be permitted.

PinvoiceR also needs the division to specify the clients' WIC code being used so that the classification rate can be calculated on each transaction for accounting purposes.

Add an allowed Division & WIC code to a Client Billing Location

  • Click on the client billing location in the list and scroll to the bottom of the page on the screen that follows.
  • Click the "Add Client Location Division" button


On the next screen, enter the details:

  • Select the Division name
  • Select EITHER:
    • "WC Cat" only, OR
    • "WC %" AND "WIC Code"
  • Click "Add Row" to save

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