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RecruitOnline is a cloud based system and so in order to be able to login you need to have a device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) that is connected to the internet and has a web browser.

To log on simply go to the website address of your RecruitOnline system - this will usually be a sub-domain of your website (eg jobs.yourwebsite.com) and click on the Logon link.

You will need;

  • Username
  • Password
  • Select Recruiter option and click the Login button.

It is important to understand that only you should ever know your password for logging into RecruitOnline and do not share it with other people. When you are logged in the system will log activity undertaken by your user account.

RecruitOnline Dashboard

When you login to ROL, you will land on the Home screen Dashboard.

Menu Toolbar

The Menu toolbar across the top of the screen remains static whichever screen you are using in ROL.

There are 7 menu options across the top with drop-down chevrons beside each one:

  • Home;
  • Search;
  • Jobs;
  • Tasks & Diary;
  • Tools;
  • Other and
  • User.

Next to the menu options there is a search bar you can type directly into.

Lastly, there are 4 useful buttons that makes navigating ROL more user-friendly:

  • << Back to previous record;
  • = List (shows the last results list);
  • * Star (shows the search results for the last 15 Candidates, Contacts, Companies and Jobs you have visited);
  • >> Forward to next record.

Home screen menu.png

Control Panel / 'Home' Screen

The Home / Control Panel screen allows you to manage your desk or your team from one intuitive screen. See below for an overview of the Control Panel.

Control Panel.png


The front page lets you know what you are doing and when for the day, and also how you are tracking against your KPI's. You can even switch between users to collaborate on your workload or manage your staff.


Rely on Tasks as your daily reminder list on items that require actioning. Tasks can be tracked and delegated.


Every Recruiter needs to know which candidates are going for interview so that they can gain feedback and manage the placement process.


Vacancies that are active & currently being advertised and recruited for are only a click away.


In a candidate short market the need to respond to applicants is paramount. Having a one-click summary allows you to keep on top of your talent pipe line.

Not Advised

End the candidate frustration and close the gaps in the communication process by alerting yourself of any candidates that linger on closed jobs.


Nothing is more embarrassing than chasing a time sheet and being told that the temp never tuned up. RecruitOnline's Control Panel lets you know about all new starters so that you can put a call in and manage the client relationship.

These are temp order bookings on ROL that are "Open - Filled" and waiting to start with a start date of today's date.


Business development is a key part of the Recruiter's role. RecruitOnline's integrated CRM allows you to plan your call cycle and maximise your selling efficiency.

Bottom Navigation Section

This also remains static regardless of which screen you are on in RecruitOnline.

Bottom section.png

These options will take you to the Last Candidate Search, Last Companies Search, Last Contacts Search, My Cache List or Contact Support.

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