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What is a keyword?

A keyword is a 'tag' which can be assigned against a Company, Contact or Candidate record to indicate an attribute of the record. ROL is installed with a library of keywords but it is up to the client to decide what works for them and how they are going to use them, and create custom lists of their own.


  • Keyword List: "Skills" -> A list of skills that may apply to candidates
  • Keyword Item: "Welding" -> An attribute that may apply to people with experience in welding.

Keywords can be placed against Companies, Contacts and Candidates. Each keyword list is separate and cannot apply to all 3 types of records; for example if you had the keyword list of 'Skills' for a Candidate then you could not apply it to a 'Company'. If this was required, the user would need to re-create (or duplicate) this keyword list and apply it to 'Company'. This is a feature by design. Keywords are maintained by the client's own system administrator but Recruit Online is able to assist setting up Keywords.

Adding a New Key (Keyword) List

To add your own custom keyword list:

  • Other -> Advanced ->Systems Administration -> 'Manage Keywords & key lists'
  • Under the heading 'Add A New Key List', select the following:
  • Type
  • Applies To
  • Published
  • Name


Keyword Type:

Multiple - A record may have multiple attributes {keywords} in this list. The user will be able to select multiple keywords.

  • Example: "Skills"
    • Welding
    • Typing
    • Accounts to trial balance

Single - A record may only select one attribute {keyword} from this list.

  • Example: "Salary Sought"
    • $55000-$59999

Applies To:

This indicates which type of record {company, contact or candidate} the key list applies to. For each Keyword List created, it can only apply to one type of record - eg if user creates a list for 'Skills', they can only assign it to one type of record (Candidate, Company, or Contact). If they assigned it to Candidate, but also wanted the same list for Contacts, they would need to re-create this list and assign it to Contacts).

Duplicate names for key lists and keywords themselves are allowed, so care should be taken when naming key lists and keywords to avoid confusion (and creating duplicates).


Changes to this property of a key list *may* cause your information to be available to 3rd parties.

Please contact support if you want any clarification on this property.


This property of a keyword list is one which permits clients or candidate to review and modify their entries when logged into your ROL site.

For example to facilitate the ability of a candidate to update their skills online means that the "Skills" keyword list would have to be set to "Published" = "YES".

By default, all key lists are not published.

Key List Name

Characters allowed in Key List names:

  • letters/alphabetical characters
  • numeric characters
  • spaces
  • the following symbols: & + , ; :

Everything else is removed.

Add, Edit, Delete Keywords

Once the list has been created, you can:

  • Add keywords
  • Edit keywords
  • Delete keywords
  • Re-name the title of the list
  • Change publish status
  • Delete the list entirely

NOTE: If you do delete keywords from the list, any record which has that keyword selected within Recruit Online will also have the keyword removed from their record.