My Clients: Updating Next Contact / Visit Dates via Add Note / Email

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Please Note: The process below can only be conducted against contact's which you have added to your 'Contact List'.

For instructions on how to add a Contact to your list, please view Contact: Add Sales List

Updating the Next Contact / Next Visit dates against a Contact in your 'Contact List' involves either adding a Note or sending an Email to the Contact person through the Company record, Company: Contacts screen in ROL.

Using the Add Note function to Update the Contact's Next Contact/Next Visit Details

Option 1: Update Dates via User-Set Cycle / Set Dates Manually

One way is to have ROL automatically schedule the dates for your follow-up calls or visits to a contact from the user-set cycle, which was input when first adding the Contact to your List (see above instructions for 'How do I Add Contacts to my List?'). In this section, you can also set the dates to your own choice.

Once you have made a call or visit to the client, the update works like this:

  • When you make a call to the Contact or have been on a visit to the Contact, you will then Add a Note into ROL against the Contact (not against the Company)
  • Enter your note details into the space provided
  • On the left-hand-side, ensure the button is marked against "Allow the next contact date to be set by ROL in XXX time (as above, specified by the contact rate cycle), OR set the dates manually yourself."
    • The 'XXX' is equivalent to the cycle in which the user has set against that Contact in their List (or if the user did not choose to set the cycle themselves, it defaults to 3 Weeks).
    • Below each of the date fields, you will see the current dates which have been previously set for Next Contact and Next Visit as per your List.
      • You can either choose to leave the dates as ROL has set, according to the specified contact rate cycle against that Contact on your List, OR
      • You can change the dates yourself by clicking on the date field buttons & selecting dates from the calender
  • Save Changes

This will automatically update the Next Contact and Next Visit dates to the dates specified when the note was entered.

Option 2: Do Nothing

The other option is to ignore this process and "do nothing".

If you opt to enter a note and do not want the Next Contact and Next Visit dates to be altered/affected, make sure the button is selected against the 'Do Nothing' option.

Using the Send Email function to Update the Contact's Next Contact/Next Visit Details

The user can also choose to update the Next Contact and Next Visit dates when sending an email to the Contact person via ROL.

  • Click on the Contact's email address to start sending an email
  • Enter the information required (see instructions on Emailing a Contact here: Contact: Email Contact)
  • Click 'Send Email'
  • Next, click the button which appears at the top of the Notes section, named 'View Edit Sales List Update Form'. This is where you can opt to edit the Next Contact/Visit details
  • Update:
    • If you want to update the dates, set the dates in the fields provided, or use the system-default dates (which are automatically entered per the user-set-cycle dates, or if not set, from the default setting of 3 weeks' time).
    • Ensure the button is selected on the 'Update' field (on the right-hand-side) and 'Save Changes'.
  • Ignore:
    • You can ignore this step if you do not want the Next Contact or Next Visit dates to be altered.
    • Select the 'Ignore' field (on the right-hand-side) and 'Save Changes'.

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