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payROL has the facility to export invoices to external accounting packages in csv file format linked by an arbitrary debtor id on the client billing location. A custom "New Debtors" report can be written to show all customers that have been invoiced but do not have a arbitrary debtor id. If the custom export is not configured then the default "New Debtors" report as described below is used as the default.

Default New Debtors Report

The "New Debtors Report" is a list of debtors with the following fields:

  • Client Name
  • Client code
  • Location name
  • Invoices number
  • Created on
  • Period start
  • Period end

Debtors that meet the following criteria will be displayed in the report:

  • Created On = 0000-00-00
  • Created On >= date selected
  • Period Start >= date selected