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What are they?

These are email newsletters that can be tailored to specific groups of contacts or candidates.

Newsletter Policy

  • Any client using newsletters agrees to respect the wishes of recipients who wish to un-subscribe.
  • If a client is deemed to be sending out SPAM or other form of misuse then - at the discretion of Recruit Online:
    • The newsletter facility will be disabled
    • An administrative charge will be added to the client's account
    • Any direct costs arising out of rectifying any issues pertaining to the misuse of the system will be added to the client's account
  • By using the newsletter service in Recruit Online you understand these terms and accept any charges for misuse.

How to Use the Newsletter Feature

The 'Newsletter Manager' is located in the Advanced links on ROL.

How do I Add a Newsletter?

  • Click the "Add New Newsletter" to add a new HTML newsletter
  • Enter the Subject
  • Copy & Paste your newsletter text into the HTML section (it should already be formatted using the correct HTML tags)
  • Select the Type (Candidate or Client)
  • Click Add
  • You then have the option to view a test of your newsletter by clicking the 'HTML' link below

What is HTML?

HTML ('Hyper Text Markup Language') is the formatting language for web pages. It provides the ability to create documents and interactive forms by the use of "tags" surrounded by angle brackets ( "<" and ">" ) within the written content, which creates headings, paragraphs, lists etc as well as links, images, quotes, and other items.

There are many online tutorials on HTML.

Recruit Online takes the HTML inserted and sends it. The responsibility of the Newsletter content HTML formatting lies with the User. 

Common Mistakes

  • Linking content to the local machine therefore only the creator can view the linked content (eg images, xml, css etc). See FAQ below - "How do I insert an Image into my Newsletter?"

ROL Newsletter Template

If you do not feel comfortable in creating your own Newsletter using HTML, we have provided a Template for use with Newsletter Manager. Some elements of this template will need to be replaced with your own content as desired (eg Company logo, etc) but will greatly assist users who are unfamiliar in using HTML.

How do I Edit a Newsletter?

  • Click on the name of the newsletter of which you want to edit
  • Click the 'View / Edit Newsletter' button
  • Make changes as required and Save Changes
  • You can view a test of your newsletter by clicking the 'HTML' link below

How do I add recipients to my Newsletter?

  • Select the Newsletter name from the drop-down list & click the 'Next' button
  • Here, you need to select the criteria of the recipients that you want to send your Newsletter to:
    • If it is a 'CLIENT' newsletter, select the required keyword/s from the Interests list
    • If it is a 'CANDIDATE' newsletter, select the required details for:
      • Interviewed (this is Optional)
      • Work sought (this is Optional)
      • Registered with (this must be selected)
      • Keywords (this is Optional)
    • To select more than one keyword from the list, hold down Ctrl button as you select multiple keys.
  • Once you have selected the criteria, click 'Next'
  • This will insert the recipients into a queue. Before the newsletter can be sent, you need to view/approve the queue.

The newsletter works by selecting records from the database who have matched the criteria / information / status / keyword of which is specified in this section, against their record.

NOTE: Is is a very good idea to check a few records in your queue before proceeding to the next step (which is 'Approve All to be Sent'). Choose a few people in the queue list and search for them on ROL. Check that the record has the specific keywords/criteria that you entered to get your queue list. If it is someone who does not have the keywords/specifics that you entered, then you may have entered the newsletter criteria incorrectly. It would be advisable to delete the queue list (by clicking 'Delete Unsent') and starting over again. Once you've done this & checked for the 2nd time, and if the data still does not marry up correctly, submit a Support Ticket to Recruit Online support to investigate further.

How to Approve the Recipients in the Queue

  • On the main section of the Newsletter screen, click the 'View / Approve Queue' button.
  • This shows a list of all the recipients who match your selected criteria
    • You can delete from the queue by clicking the 'Delete' link next to the recipients who you want to remove.
  • To approve the queue:
    • Select the newsletter name from the drop-down list
    • Select the action 'Approve All To Be Sent'
    • Click 'Go'
  • To delete the queue:
    • If you are not happy with the recipients in the list, you can remove all at once by:
    • Select the newsletter name from the drop-down list
    • Select the action 'Delete unsent'
    • Click 'Go'. This will remove all recipients for that particular chosen newsletter.

Send Status

In the queue list, there is a column for 'status'. There are 3 different types of status:

  • 'ADDED' - This means that the newsletter has been added to the system and is awaiting approval by you
    • If required, this recipient can be deleted
  • 'NOT SENT' - This means the newsletter has not been sent to this record & is still waiting in the queue to be sent by the system
    • If required, this recipient can be deleted
  • 'SENT' - This means that the newsletter has been sent
    • This recipient cannot be deleted

Newsletter Subscribe Status


  • When a candidate is first entered into ROL, they are automatically marked as 'Yes' to receiving Newsletters/Mailouts
    • Click on Candidate record -> Edit Details -> Newsletter: Yes / No
  • If they decide that they no longer want to receive newsletters, they are able to change this to 'No' via the candidate interface, OR
  • They can also unsubscribe themselves by clicking the link "Click here to unsubscribe" (which is automatically entered at the bottom of every newsletter when sent).
  • A candidate who has selected 'No' to receiving newsletters will never be sent to a newsletter queue.


  • When entering a contact into ROL, select 'Yes' to make sure they are able to receive Newsletters/Mailouts
    • Click on the Contact in the Company record -> Edit Details -> Newsletter: Yes / No
  • To unsubscribe themselves, they just click the link "Click here to unsubscribe" (which is automatically entered at the bottom of every newsletter when sent).
  • A contact who has selected 'No' to receiving newsletters will never be sent to a newsletter queue.


How do I insert an Image into my Newsletter?

If you would like to include an image or images in your newsletter, they must be uploaded by Support in order for external clients to access/view the image.

If you upload an image from a link/path on your PC, you will be able to view it because it is on your PC - but once emailed out to clients, they will not see the image. This is why it must be sent to Support to upload, who will then supply you with the correct path/link to use in your Newsletter.

Then, follow the instructions on inserting an image into your newsletter [here]

What if I edit the newsletter after adding recipients to the queue?

  • The message that is sent is drawn from the database at time of send. If you make changes then the latest version will be sent out.
  • If you want different versions to go to different people then create different newsletters.
    • HINT: You could use separate keywords to tag these records

Can a person get the same newsletter more than once?

  • No
    • (Not unless you create multiple copies of the same newsletter)

When are they sent?

  • This depends on your contract with Recruit Online
  • Typically, they are sent in batches of 50 every half an hour
  • These are limited to ensure that bandwidth is shared between clients effectively
    • If you want a higher volume of sending then please [contact us.]

Why can't I send attachments?

From a technical standpoint email is plain text. This means that anyone with any computer can read the contents of the message. Attachments are encoded file types that require the recipient to have a certain type of program installed (eg: MS Word) and enough bandwidth to download and open the file. There are many cases where one file on one PC (or device) will not appear in the same way (or even be readable!) on another. A common example is when a recipient wants to read the email on their phone or PDA.

The best way to have a visually enticing newsletter is to create it as an HTML document.

I want to send a newsletter/message to a group of contacts, but they do not have any specified keywords marked against them. How can I do this?

This is where you need to use the 'Keywords: Bulk Add' function.

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