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Opportunities in ROL are used to implement and manage processes for sales and business development and are designed to offer the ability to customise the sales processes in your business and map them to a visible process in ROL. The system allows for the creation of a Sales Pipeline Process where you can create separate pipelines for differing products/services and use them to manage the tasks involved in that sales process - each opportunity is assigned an Opportunity Pipeline.

How to use

An opportunity is created from a lead (see the convert a lead to an opportunity step) and in doing so you are able to set values around the opportunity and also add an opportunity pipeline process to it. Values that you can set are;

  •  % Chance of Winning the opportunity
  • Value of Opportunity
  • Type (eg Once Off, Per Hour, Per day, Per Week, Per Month Per Year
  • Currency
  • Duration (ie number of times factor - eg 52 Duration set against a Per Week Type = would be the same as 1 duration set against a Per Year type)
  • Margin % - (ie the gross margin factor you want to use - this can be useful when comparing different revenue streams such as temp and perm - eg for temp you may set the margin as 15% and for perm 100% and then you will have a report comparable in gross margin)
  • Forecast Close Date - use to manage expectations around the progress of an opportunity
  • Status - Set the status to manage the outcome of an opportunity (eg on Hold, Lost, Abandoned, Won)
  • Division - assign the opportunity to the relevant division
  • Assigned To - Select the user who has been assigned the opportunity

Assign an Opportunity Pipeline

To assign an Opportunity Pipeline to an Opportunity - click on the Opportunity Pipeline button and then select the relevant pipeline & click the + Add Pipeline button.

Opportunity Detail.png

Once you have assigned an Opportunity Pipeline then each of the Activity Set Tasks will be created against each of the steps for that Opportunity. These tasks will be assigned to the person who the opportunity has been assigned to and will appear in their ROL Tasks list. The due date for each task is applied by the number of days setting when setting up the Activity Set and the date it is calculated from is the date that the opportunity pipeline is assigned.

You can bulk update tasks in a step by clicking on the cog icon - this allows you to bulk assign tasks and also to bulk update their status. Alternatively, click through each task and alter accordingly.

Opportunity Piepline Detail.png

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