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The Opportunity Pipeline feature in ROL has been developed so that you can create a pipeline process that segments each of the steps in the sales process and the relevant tasks that apply to those steps. From using a sales pipeline system in ROL it can give you an effective method to manage sales and opportunities across your business.

How to use

Create the Activity Sets First

The Sales Opportunity Pipeline uses the combination of distinct sales pipeline steps with relevant Activity Sets applied to each step - so in order to create a Sales Opportunity Pipeline you will need to create the required Activity Sets first.

Creating a Sales Opportunity Pipeline

From the Opportunities page - click on the Manage Pipelines button.

Then enter

  • the name of the Pipeline - eg Temp Sales
  • Select the Company option in drop down box

Click the Start New Pipeline button.

Add New Opportunity Pipeline.png

From here you then need to create each of the pipeline steps and allocate and activity set to them. To create a step -

  • Enter the Name - eg Qualify Lead
  • Choose the Step Colour
  • Allocate Activity Set(s) - ie drag one or more of the available activity sets into the box below the colour option

Pipeline Steps.png

To see the steps of the Pipeline you have created - click on the Demo Pipeline button.

Demo Pipeline.png

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