Overview of the payslip creation process

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The basics

Each transaction in payROL is summarised as a line containing the costs and charges and details of the person, client, location, pay code, etc of a particular element of the hours the have worked and other entitlements they may have.

An example abbreviated couple of lines could look like:

John Smith	Normal Hours	5	15.00
John Smith	Overtime Hours	2	30.00

During the payment processing phase these hours are translated & summarised into the general ledger and a tax calculation is performed.

Normal Hours	5	x	15.00	75.00
Overtime Hours	2	x	30.00	60.00


Gross:	135.00
Tax:	35.00
Bank:	100.00

It follows that until the payments have been processed then a payslip cannot be viewed as the tax has not been calculated.

Payment Processing is undertaken using the "Process Batch" button and following the prompts.

What is a payslip?

It is a small report detailing the employee information, transactions for the period and the summary information (total gross, tax, net bank). Additionally it also contains notices and addition or deduction information.

The payslip is produced as a PDF file and the production of the PDF file happens in one of two ways:

Both require you to navigate to:

Reports -> Payroll -> Pay Slip Report

  • The user click's "Send PDF's via Email" button at the bottom of the report in the section marked 'Send Payslips to All Employees'
  • The user click's "Download PDF" button in the report.

Until a user action triggers the viewing or sending of a payslip then it is not written to disk.

What else should I know?

  • If your candidate interface is set up to publish payslips to employees then unless the PDF file is written to disk using either of the methods outlined above then it will not appear.


  • An employee is complaining that they cannot view their payslips on the candidate interface. What went wrong?
Did they work that week / did you receive a time sheet?

Has a time sheet been correctly entered in the correct period?

Has the payroll been processed or are you currently working on that batch?

Has one or both of the PDF creation steps been undertaken as set out above?

Are they logging in as the right employee into the client interface (do they have duplicate accounts)?