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Pay Levels area way to automatically assign a pay/charge (Rates Schedule) to a person placed into a daily booking.

An example of where this could be useful to use is the Healthcare sector. Here the pay rate is often determined by the level/experience of the person actually placed into a booking rather than the level that the client may have been requested.

How to Use

In order to use the pay level feature, you need to have a pay level set against both a candidate and also against a rates schedule.

Set Candidate Pay Level

To set it against a candidate, from their record click on the Edit and then Personal Details links. Scroll down to the Pay Level Field and select the relevant pay Level

Note - to edit the pay levels available in the system click on the pencil icon.

ROL pay level.png

Set Rates Schedule Pay Level

Go to the relevant client record and click on Casual Management and View Rates Schedules links. From here select the relevant Rate Schedule and edit to add the relevant pay level.

How it works

When you are filling a booking and have selected a candidate, the system will look at the candidate and see if there is a pay level set. From there, it will look at all of the Rates Schedules and match if there is the same pay level set against a rates schedule.

It also gives the user the option to choose another rate schedule if they wish.

Booking pay level.png

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