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If you are using link PinvoiceR with your ROL system to pay, invoice & report then there is a need to export those orders in ROL over to PinvoiceR so that hours can be entered against them for payroll/invoicing purposes.

How to use

From the main toolbar click on the PinvoiceR Export button.

Pinvoicer export.png

Then select the period ending that you wish to create orders in PinvoiceR for and click the Generate Report button.

Pinvoicer export generate.png

This will then show a report of any orders in ROL that are not able to be exported (ie have missing fields in PinvoiceR). The reasons for the orders not being able to be exported may be one or more of the following;

  • The client has not been exported to PinvoiceR
  • The Rate Schedule has not been exported to PinvoiceR
  • The temp/employee has not been exported to PinvoiceR

In order to export these listed orders you will need to fix these problem(s).

You are able to export all orders that do not have any problems and to do this click on the Export all orders without missing fields button.

Export orders pinvoicer.png

Things to note

You are able to export orders at any time so for example;

  • Orders have already been exported and you now have a new order (or have added in the missing info that was stopping a an order being exported)
  • Orders have been exported and you have entered hours in PinvoiceR already for some of the orders
  • Orders have been exported and there has been additional info added - eg Purchase Order # or payroll comments

In all of these cases the hours that have been entered in PinvoiceR will not be affected by the additional info or new orders.

It is important to note - if you have entered hours in PinvoiceR and then change the order/rates schedule (eg Custom Rates) this will not change the pay/charge rate for those entered hours when you use the PinvoiceR Export Orders function. This is because the hours entered prior to the change will have used those rates at that time - so if you need the rates to change for that transaction you will need to edit that directly in PinvoiceR.

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