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For ROL clients (Australia only) that are also using PinvoiceR, then the PinvoiceR Onboarding process is used to set up an employee in the PinvoiceR system and also to provide an online solution for the following;

  • Bank Details
  • TFN Declartation
  • Choice of Superannuation
  • OH&S Induction
  • Contract Acceptance

How to use

As a minimum, you will need the following already entered for a candudate;

  • First & Last Name
  • Email (so we can send them the invitation email)
  • Mobile (so we can send them their two factor authentication code)

From the Candidate's record in ROL click on the Edit and then the PinvoiceR Onboarding links.

Things to note:

Check the date: The date started comes from the first booking the employee is placed in or defaults to today's date. We recommend that you check it is correct.

Contractors are independent workers who provide their own ABN and raise invoices for their assignments. Most people in labour hire or temporary employment are not contractors. Setting this to 'YES' will give the employee a very different onboarding experience because they will not be able to complete a tax declaration.

PinvoiceR Onboarding.png

The candidate is then sent an email and asked to log onto your ROL Candidate portal and complete their payroll onboarding;

PinvoiceR Onboarding Portal.png

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