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The Qualifications function in ROL is structured to allow for each client to maintain their own list and level of qualifications in their database. This information can then be used to identify certain candidates, based on their qualification status, and also a method to manage candidates who are in the process of completing qualifications.

How to Manage Qualification Lists

You use the Qualification Control Panel to add edit and delete the list of qualifications that you wish to use in your RecruitOnline system. This control panel is accessible through Systems Admin or the link from the qualifications menu option on a candidate record.

RecruitOnline Qualification Control Panel.png

How to add a Qualification to a Candidate

From a candidate's record click on the Edit and then the Qualifications links. Then click on the Add/Edit tab to add in the required qualification for that candidate.

RecruitOnline Manage Candidate Qualifications.png

  • Qualification - select the relevant one from the drop down list (see how to manage qualification lists above)
  • Status - select status of qualification
  • Qualified - enter the date that the qualification was attained (or will be attained - for managing expected completion dates)
  • Expires - use this field if the qualification has an expiry date
  • Notes - optional field for notes about the qualification
  • Internal Staff Training - optional, use this to track internally delivered training

Click the Save Qualification button to add/edit the record.

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