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"Rates Schedules" are the pay and charge rate information for paying an employee and invoicing a client within ROL & payROL. When a Rates Schedule has been entered into payROL, it is allocated a "Pay Code#". Transactions cannot be added to the payROL system without a Pay Code # and temp bookings cannot be added to ROL without an active Rates Schedule.

There are two types of Pay Codes within payROL; Client-specific and Global.

Client-specific Pay Codes / Rates Schedules

These are pay & charge rates created against a specific client record and can only be used for paying employees who are booked to work at that particular client

These are added at the client level in payROL. If the division that you want to add a Rates Schedule for does not appear in the drop down menu then the location must be edited to add workcover information. See Client Codes & Billing Locations and Location Allowed Divisions & WIC Codes.

Create a Rates Schedule Against a Client

  • Search for the client in payROL
  • Within the client record, click on "Client Pay Codes" button

Pcc 1.png

  • Click "Add Pay Code"
  • Enter the details & click "Add New Pay Code"
    • Which division has access to this code (can also be "ANY" if applies to all divisions)
    • Name and Award information

Pcc 2.png

  • The pay code information is then added to payROL and a unique number is allocated to it. This number is the Pay Code # used to identify the pay & charge information on transactions in payROL.

Pcc 3.png

  • Next we need to add the rates items to the Pay Code
    • Click on the Pay Code to view the details
    • Click the "Add Pay Code Item" button

Pcc 4.png

  • Complete the information:
    • Item Name - normal hours, time & 1/2, double time, etc. You will need to enter each item separately for each rate.
    • Pay rate & Charge rate
    • Leave & RDO rate (if any)
    • Select whether any of the following apply: Tax, Super, Reimbursements.
  • Click the "Add New Item" button to insert the item details to that Pay Code.

Pcc 5.png

  • Continue adding pay code items for each rate required eg time & a half, double time, meal allowances etc.
  • Essentially it may end up looking something like the following (example only)

Pcc 6.png

  • IMPORTANT! Once you have created your new pay code in payROL, the unique "Pay Code #" that is generated from payROL needs to be added to the Rates Schedule in ROL
    • In ROL, search for the Client.
    • Casual Management -> View Rates Schedules
    • Click on the Rates Schedule for this pay code you have just added in payROL. Enter the Pay Code # into the "PayROL Pay Code" field & Save Changes.


Global Pay Codes / Rates Schedules

These are pay & charge rates created on the system that can apply to any client on payROL - they are not tied to a particular client and can be used for any booking.

Create a Global Rates Schedule

  • Click on "System" button
  • Under the "Tools" heading, click Pay Codes link.
  • Click Add Pay Code button
  • Follow the same steps as above as per Creating a Rates Schedule Against a Client

Rates Schedule Information

All rates schedule items can have the following properties:

  • Taxable: YES/NO
  • Pay Super: YES/NO
  • Reimbursement: YES/NO

Payment Summaries

If a pay code item is set as Taxable = NO and Reimbursement = NO, then any transactions captured against an employee using this pay code item will be shown on the candidates' Payment Summary as a separate item but will still be included in the gross wages figure.

If a pay code item is set to Reimbursement = YES, regardless of it's taxable status, it will not be included in the Payment Summary and is deducted from the gross wages figure.