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The 'Recruiter' screen is a report which lists all recruiter jobs currently being recruited for clients.

In this screen, the user can view their own jobs, view another users' jobs, or view all users' jobs.

Recruiter Report

The recruiter screen shows a quick-view of the recruiter job/s:

Job ID On Web Client Name Job Title Date Posted Location State/Province Job Recruiter Status Group
reference ID number * visibility on website client name title of the job date of creation job location state of location job classification type user assigned to job job status permission group

(*) The Job Reference ID Number (commonly referred to as a 'JREF#') is a unique code assigned to each and every job created. This number assists in applications being made, through the website & online job boards where jobs cannot be distinguished by client name and are referred to by their reference numbers which correspond to the job on the database.

Job View

Click on any link in the row on the job to go into the job view. This is where users can view candidate applications, edit job details, conduct resume/text searching, and much more. See Recruiter Job View

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How do I move a job of mine to another user?

  • Edit the job and select a different user from the 'Consultant' list and 'Save Changes'.

How do I assign specific Contacts within a Company to a Recruiter job?

How do I publish a document along side a job advert?

In some cases you may want to publish a document on your job advertisement such as a job description, declaration form, or brochure. Recruit Online allows you to publish documents in a variety of ways that improve the collaborative process between recruiters, their clients and candidates.

  • Navigate to the job in recruiter and click on "Documents"
  • Upload a new job (or edit an existing one) and at the bottom make sure you select:
WWW Web Site: YES