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Each business's recruitment process is different to the next. ROL allows the user to customise the Recruiter workflow steps to reflect their own process requirements and order. At a glance, users are able to determine which stage the recruitment process is up to for a particular job, what has been done and which steps are yet to be completed.

The default recruiter workflow in ROL is:

  • Staffing Request Raised
    • A request has been proposed for approval to recruit a new employee for a position within the Company. The staffing request contains details of the proposed position, requirements and key selection criteria.
  • Staffing Request Approved
    • The request to recruit a new employee has been considered and approved. The request requires approval prior to performing recruitment for the position.
  • Post Advert - Our Site
    • The job has been advertised to the public for suitable candidates to apply through the Jobs section on the website. Candidate applications are received by the Recruiter and recorded onto the ROL database.
  • Database Search
    • A database search for possible suitable existing candidates has been conducted on ROL. This may be completed through searching against 'Keywords' of records on the database, or conducting a 'Resume Search' using the specifications of the job request.
  • Screen Response
    • All applications submitted for the job and recorded on the database have been screened by a Recruiter. Using the screening menu in the job applications section, this is where each applicants' suitability for the job is determined against the selection criteria of the position.
  • Conduct Interviews
    • Possibly suitable applications have been selected and contacted by a Recruiter. An interview appointment time has been scheduled for the candidate to meet with the Recruiter. The interview process has been completed for each selected candidate.
  • Offer
    • A suitable candidate has been successfully selected for the job. The Recruiter has communicated the offer of employment and a letter of offer has been submitted to the candidate.
  • Acceptance
    • The candidate has considered the offer of employment from the Recruiter and has accepted the job. Their acceptance has been confirmed verbally and in writing.
  • Post Placement Follow Up
    • Upon commencement in their new role, the Recruiter has communicated with both Client and Candidate to ensure satisfaction with the outcome, including work performance and job satisfaction.

Workflow Step Editing

The order sequence of the workflow steps can be changed, and steps can be added or removed depending on your requirements.

Custom Workflow Steps

Custom steps can be added to ROL depending on your requirements.

Workflow Step Status

The workflow steps are either INCOMPLETE or COMPLETE. The outcome is usually triggered automatically by doing something within ROL. For example - if a database search (a Resume Search or Keyword Search) has been conducted for a job from the associated Recruiter page, the system recognises this and in return marks this step as COMPLETED.

Alternatively, the steps also allow for manual completion. For example - a database search was conducted for the job, but it was not accessed through the Recruiter screen therefore the results were not pinned to the job, the system does not recognise this step as being completed and remains INCOMPLETE. The user can edit this workflow step, provide notes on its' completion, and change the status manually to COMPLETED.