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Users have the ability to send an SMS to a Contact or a Candidate when in a Contact or Candidate record. The 'SMS' button is located on the right-side menu.

The SMS character length is restricted to a maximum of 160 characters (and is usually less as most clients have their company name automatically appended to the message).

When sending individual SMS's only, Recruit Online will automatically append the end of the SMS text with the users' Company name. (Please note: this is not the case with 'Send Bulk Message' sending)

ROL send SMS.png


If I were to send an SMS to a candidate with the text:

"Hi John, please contact Maria as soon as you can about the Labourers 
position in Heltsfield"

The SMS would send to the candidate as:

"Hi John, please contact Lisa as soon as you can about the Labourers 
position in Heltsfield: Recruit Online"

When the SMS is submitted, it will populate the fields in the table below the text input field:

  • Initially, the 'Status' will display NOT SENT until it is sent by the system
    • A Note will be added as "SMS Message Sent" with the details of the SMS.
  • When sent, this field will update to SENT

SMS/TXT Replies:

  • If the Contact or Candidate has replied to the SMS, an additional SMS message will display in this table as Status 'REPLIED'
    • Any replies will also be emailed to the User who sent the initial SMS
    • Replies are also entered into the Notes section as "SMS Message Added"
  • If there has been an error, Status will update to ERROR

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