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About Online Ordering

Your Contacts can order staff online using the client portal. The process involves:

  • Setting up jobs (charge rates schedules)
  • Giving the Contact a user name and password
  • Completing the online form
  • Directing responses to Consultants

The order arrive as "Open" bookings in your RecruitOnline system.

Rates Schedules

A key part of the process is setting up charge rates. The reason for this is that the Contact needs to select the appropriate job/booking type that they wish to order (which also indicates the pay & charge rates which is useful as well).


To set up a login go to the Contacts list and select your desired Contact. From there the Contact menu will be expanded (note the chevron & Contact name in the title bar); and a new option will appear: Edit Logon.

Add the appropriate details for your Contact (and if you wish you can email them when you save the form).


Many client portals are customised to reflect the branding, layout and language of their brand. Most installations have a link that read "Order Staff" or similar.

From here they can complete the form and request as many staff as they require. These are immediately added to your RecruitOnline system under Open Orders.

Getting Notified

This is probably the most important step in setting up bookings.

If you want to receive notifications then you need to make sure the person making the booking appears on your Contact List.

  • Go to the contact record
  • Click "Add to Sales List"

Once complete you (and anyone else who has them on their list) will receive an email every time a booking is made.

Best Practice

As many people go on leave or are away from their desks we suggest that more than one user has each booking Contact on their Contact List. Ideally you want to have a "branch" user with a shared mail box visible to everyone and the Consultant to share the Contact on their lists so that as many people as possible can have visibility on time sensitive staff bookings.