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About Online Software

There are many innovations that are regularly developed and deployed in the online software world. In the main the developers of applications (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) will base their work on web standard specifications.

There is a downside to this process as two different developers may interpret the same specification differently and we end up with in simple cases a different "look" and in bad cases things that just "don't work" on some systems.

What approach does Recruit Online take?

We never want to be left behind and are always looking to temper our rock solid stability with new innovations. In some cases new innovations are not supported in all browsers so we do tend to find a happy medium between the two.

We, where possible, code to web standards and this means that those on reasonably "current" systems get those benefits right away whereas those on old machines perhaps not.

Supported Software

We would like to support any web GUI based browser that our customers use however with the ever changing combinations of browsers and operating systems there is no way we can test everyone of them.

  • Tested browsers
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mac Safari

Best practices

  • Use and update the latest version of your preferred browser
  • If you are using a legacy operating system like Windows XP install a current browser from the other free alternatives
  • If you use a tested browser and encounter an issue please let us know so that we can rectify it. If you cannot undertake your use of Recruit Online then switch to a supported browser to avoid down time