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This screen is where each users' linked tasks appear. Tasks can be linked to Companies, Contacts, Candidates and Jobs, they can also not be linked to a record at all.

My Tasks

  • Clicking this button will take the user back to their own tasks list from any screen within Tasks.

The tasks which appear here will be any task that is marked with a Status of 'To Do'

For other tasks with a different status, view the tasks lists by clicking the buttons on the right (see "View Tasks Lists" below)

You can also see Tasks for a user from the main dashboard - click on the Tasks tab;

ROL Tasks Homescreen.png

View a Task

  • Click on the Task title to go into the task details screen.
  • This screen shows the Task particulars:
    • Title:
    • Status:
    • Assigned To:
    • Set Due Date:
    • Notes:

Modify a Task

  • Click on the Task title to go into the task details screen.
  • Users can modify:
    • Title: - Edit the Task Title
    • Status: - Change the Task status:
      • In Progress,
      • Completed,
      • On Hold,
      • Deleted.
    • Assigned To: - Change the user assigned to the Task
    • Set Due Date: - Change the due date
    • Notes: - Enter notes about the Task
  • Ensure you click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen.

Task notifications

To get an email summary of tasks each day. Edit the "My day" summary in "user preferences". Each morning an email with current activities will be sent to your nominated email address.

Tasks are visible on the home screen everytime a user logs on.

Delete a Task

To delete a task:

  • Click on the Task title to go into the task details screen.
  • Change the Status: to DELETED.
  • Ensure you click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen.

Tasks cannot be removed from the system entirely; the Task will now appear under the 'Deleted' Tasks list.

View Linked Record

If the Task has been linked to a record within ROL:

  • Click the Task link to go straight to the linked record. This could be either:
    • Candidate
    • Company
    • Contact
    • Job

Links only apply to records for Company, Contact, Candidate or Job. If the Task is not linked to one of these records, a link will not appear here.

What do the Icons mean?

The icons which appear next to each link are explained here ROL Icons

Select User

  • To view another users' Tasks list, select their name from the menu and click "View Selected User"

Add Task

PLEASE NOTE: These are instructions on how to add a general task - one that is not linked to a record. For linked tasks, please see the instructions under "Add Linked Task".

  • Click the 'Add Task' button
  • Enter the Task details into the next screen:
    • Task Title
    • Status
    • Assigned To
    • Set Due Date
    • Notes
  • 'Save New Task'

Add Linked Task

On each record (Candidate, Company, Contact, & Job) is a button titled 'Link Task'. Click this button and follow the instructions above ("Add Task") to complete a Linked Task.

View Tasks Lists

On the right of the screen are extra buttons where the user can view their list of Tasks with the Status of:

  • Overdue
  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Completed
    • These are marked with a Tick.png
  • Deleted
    • These are marked with a Cancel.png

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