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When your ready to place an available candidate on assignment to the open order:

  • Click the icon Fill job icon.png at the end of the row
  • Search for the candidate in the next screen
  • When the results appear, select to place them as either:
    • Open Filled
    • or
    • In Progress
      • 'In Progress' if the candidate is starting the temp assignment today,
      • OR
      • 'Open-Filled' if the candidate is not starting the temp assignment just yet.


  • If you selected 'Open-Filled' as the order status, you must ensure that when the candidate starts the assignment, you change the order status to 'In Progress' (see details: Temp Orders: Start Job)
  • If you selected 'In Progress', the system automatically changes the candidate's status to 'Currently Working'.

The order can now be viewed under the 'Current' screen on the menu toolbar.

View Available Candidates for this Job

Another way of filling a temp job with a candidate is to use the quick 'View Available Candidates' list.

  • Click the icon Glass.png at the end of the row

The screen shows:

WHB List

This is the companys' Will Have Back list, from previous temp assignments, where the client would have the candidate back in a temp capacity again if needed (this is noted on the system when a user closes an order: (see Temp Orders: Close Job)).

Users can select a candidate from this list to fill the job with.

Search Available Candidates

The other option is to search for available candidates who may be suitable for the job. By selecting 'Registered With' from the menu, a list of candidates should be returned who are registered with that particular division.

Reminder: The candidates must be tagged with the appropriate settings for them to be returned on this list (see Why can't I see every candidate's name when I try to fill a temporary job?).

When the search results return, click to fill the candidate into the temp order either 'Open - Filled' or 'In Progress'.

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