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The Training Register is used in RecruitOnline as a way to deliver RecruitOnline Training but can also be used by clients to set up and deliver internal and external training within their business.

You can structure training for;

  • Internal ROL Users (eg your staff)
  • Candidates (through the Candidate Portal - coming soon)
  • Clients (through the Client Portal - coming soon)

You are also able to set up training groups - for example you may have a range of training that is specifically for Recruitment Staff - here you are able to allocate those training modules to a Recruiter group and then assign this to your individual Recruiter group staff members.

Training Register Manager

To use the Training Register Manager - from the main toolbar click on the Other, Advanced and Systems Administration links - noting that you will need to have System Admin privileges in order to do this - and then select the Training Register Manager link.

ROL Training Register Manager.png

Add a New Training Module or Policy

To do this, click on the + button and then enter the relevant information. You are able to either attach a document to the Traing Module/Policy or add in a link to online training documentation (eg for RecruitOnline training we usually reference the RecruitOnline Help Wiki)

ROL Example Training Policy.png

Edit Training Module or Policy

From the Training Register Manager - click on the Edit button - then edit as needed. To Remove a training module or policy from the register, when editing it set the Active status to NO.

Assign a Training Module Group

This function is where you assign the training modules you wish to assign to a particular user. The process is;

  • Select User
  • Select Group
  • Click Insert Training Modules

ROL Assign a Training Module.png

Understanding Groups

The Group is used as a way of categorizing training modules/policies and when you are creating the training module you then decide which group it will suit.

A person is not specifically in a group - so in effect you can assign any group of training modules/policies to any user.

Training Register

You can see the training register by clicking on the links from the main toolbar - Other & Reports then select Training Register

Also, when a user has been assigned training then when they log on to RecruitOnline a message will appear on every screen showing that they have training to complete.

ROL Training to Complete.png

The user then clicks on the View Training link to see what training modules/policies the are required to complete.

ROL Training Register.png

From there they click on the relevant module/policy to see the details of the training required;

  • View the Documentation
  • Provide Feedback
  • Confirm that they have completed the Training requirements

ROL Training Register Item.png

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