View a list of Records from an Existing ROL page Report

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Throughout Recruit Online, many pages consist of existing reports, these may be Company, Contact or Candidate records.

Users can manipulate any of these reports into a 'standard' report list which can be used to:

  • save the list separately into your saved lists
  • send an SMS or email to the records on the list
  • remove certain records from the list to make a custom list

How To

To access a standard list of records from an existing report, do the following:

  • Click on the link of one of the records on the list
  • Once in the record screen (Candidate, Company or Contact), click the green upwards arrow on the top-right-hand corner
  • This will bring you to the standard list report
  • Here, users can proceed to saving the list, sending an sms message, etc.
    • This can only be done for Contact and Candidate records (not Company records)

What are the Green arrows for?

When accessing a candidate, contact or company record from a report or list, the green arrows do the following:

  • <- Go back one record / go back to the previous record
  • -> Go forward one record / go to the next record
  • Up arrow: Go back to the standard view of the results list