What are Permissions

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Permission "groups" are used within ROL to hide or restrict access to certain records or features for users.

By default, all records are available to all users, unless requested by the client upon setup.

If you would like to set up a new Permission group, please Contact Recruit Online Support.

Recruiter Job Permissions

Recruiter jobs can be locked to a certain Permission group - however, any new candidate applications (only new candidates, not already existing candidate records) made online to that job will also be locked to the same Permission group as the Recruiter job.

If a user tries to search for that candidate but does not belong to the group, they will not have access to the candidates' record or able to see such record on the database.

User A is a member of GROUP 1 & GROUP 2.
User B is a member of GROUP 1 only.

User A has a Recruiter job under the permissions group GROUP 2.
Person Z applies to the Recruiter job.

User B searches for Person Z on the database and cannot locate a record.
User A searches for Perzon Z on the database, locates and has access to this record.

Change Permissions

For a Recruiter job:

  • Click into the job record
  • Navigate to View/Edit -> Edit Job
  • Change the Permission group drop-down
  • Save Changes