What is the easiest way to check the all keyword list?

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If there are number of skills that you want to search in the keyword list, rather than go through every list individually, the easiest way for you to see what keywords are available would be:

  • Go into a Candidate record
  • Click on Edit -> Keywords
  • In Select Key List, Click inside the Select Key Lists (any list will do)
  • Press CTRL A or Command A on MAC (it will highlight the whole list)
  • Then click 'Select Key List' and this will bring up all the keywords & key lists.

For you to not scroll and scroll down, press CTRL F or Command F on MAC then a pop up will appear ( in Chrome: it is found on the upper right of your browser) Type in there the words you want to check if it is existing and press ENTER depend on how many results was found. If there are 3 results press Enter three times.