Why can't I be logged into the Recruiter system and another part of RecruitOnline concurrently

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About Login Sessions

RecruitOnline sessions are technical features that grant different user groups (recruiters, general public, clients, candidates) access to some parts of the database. A session is created each time that a user logs on. The way that sessions are implemented means that the system identifies the user type and locks them to a certain level of access.

Testing Logins

If you test a candidate login using "test logon" then you will be logged out of one system (ROL) and logged into another (Candidate Site). To return to ROL you will need to click "Logout" in the Candidate Site.

This is behaviour by design because the moment you click "Test Login" you are creating a new session as a different user.

How to use two parts of RecruitOnline at the same time

If you would like to be in two different systems at the same time then open up two browsers: eg Firefox and Chrome and use RecruitOnline in one and log into the other site with the other.