Why can't I see every candidate's name when I try to fill a temporary job?

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Understanding automatic filtering in Recruit Online

Many clients have hundreds of thousands of candidate records spanning many years of operations. If ROL was to show all of the records every time that a user tried to fill a temporary staff order then the size of the results would be excessive.

Why filter restrict search results?

  • The number of records returned to the web browser could be excessive and irrelevant
  • Business rules can be enforced by ROL adding to the quality of recruitment processes

What are the limits?

All candidate must have the following attributes:

  • They are 'Active' or 'Currently Working'
  • They are looking for 'Temporary / Contract Work'
  • They have been 'Reference Checked'
  • They are 'Interviewed'
  • They have not had 'Do not send to' set for the client who the order is against