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Usually this will be done through ROL via an Export and not directly through PinvoiceR, so that there is a relationship between the client information on ROL and the client on PinvoiceR, however it can also be done 'manually' within payroll if required.

Every client is entered into PinvoiceR in two parts:

  • The main client information
  • A billing location which accompanies the main information

These are referred to as the "Client" and the "Client Billing Location".

Every client will have one client record and at least one client billing location.

  • For example, your client is AAA Corporation. Within AAA Corporation, they have a BBB Dept. and a CCC Dept.
  • BBB Dept. must have invoices sent to a separate area than CCC Dept.
  • The client info on PinvoiceR would look like this:

Add co5.png

Using Client Billing Locations to separate each department (referred to as "Locations") and in turn facilitates other features within PinvoiceR such as separating invoices for each department, or grouping invoices.

Export a Client from ROL into PinvoiceR

Adding a Client company record on PinvoiceR via Exporting from ROL: see Export a Client into payROL

Manually Adding a Client in PinvoiceR

  • Within PinvoiceR, click the "Add Client" button on the Home screen

Add co.png

  • Complete the details for each field on the form and "Add New Client & Default Location" once entered.

Add co2.png

  • By default all clients are set to 'Active'
  • Send Invoice By Email field: If this field is set to Yes, please ensure that the "Bill To Email" field contains a valid email address
  • Default Location Division: The default location division is the first one in the list. If there are no location divisions in the list please refer to Divisions for further assistance. This Field is also only available during the first set up of a client and is used to determine the WC category which is only applicable for South Australia or the WC Percentage, applicable for the rest of Australia.
  • By default, a client billing location "Client Code" uses the first 6 letters (in upper-case) of the client name is used. This code can be modified by clicking on either the "Client Code" or "Location Name" and editing the location details. A maximum of up to 10 characters can be used for the client code.

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