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Creating Candidate Job Alerts

This feature has two parts to the process.

  • The recruiter adds a new job
  • The candidate edits their selections on the candidate portal Jobs -> Job Alerts to include the job group and locations they are interested in

The system will nightly check for new jobs and then search the candidate database for individuals that meet the criteria of each new job's group and location. If they intersect then they will be added to an email message and sent to the candidate.

Manually flagging a job to be sent out

To have a job included in the next run select the following:

  • Recruiter -> [Select Job] -> Tools -> Push Job Alert

Client Options

// The text of the email header

// The default uses the following URL


You are subscribed to our job alerts as the user: $username
If you no longer wish to be emailed job alerts please log in
and change your preferences.


Support Notes


$ php ~snapshot~/cron/cron.job.alerts.php ~client~/config/