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What is it?

The 'Contact List' feature in Recruit Online is a list of companies and contacts which are currently being marketed to / assigned to a particular user. It is sometimes also referred to as a users' own 'Marketing List' or 'Sales List'.

When a contact logs into the client portal or if a contact orders staff through the portal the ROL user(s) assigned to that contact are notified by email.

Contact List.png

  • If a user has any clients on their list, their name will appear on the drop-down menu. Click a user to view their List.
  • Click the 'View' link to go into the entry.
  • If the next contact date is today's date or overdue, a reminder will appear on the users' Home Menu - Sales Calls list as an outstanding contact call to action.

How to Use

How do I Add Contacts to my List?

How do I Add Sales Pipeline information?

  • Search for a contact that has already been added to your Contact (Sales) list
  • Click on the next Contact Date set against the Contact - this will bring up the following information;

Edit Contact List.png

  • Here you can set the following info for Recurring Revenue (eg Temp/Casual Staff placement)
    • Enter Sales Target per Unit (eg typical gross margin per hour for temp/casual placement)
    • Enter # Units
    • Enter Sales Cycle (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

These factors give the value for Recurring revenue (gross margin). For example if you estimated that the client would have a temp business value of 10 temps out working each week (380 hours/units) and the average hourly margin is $5.00 per hour then the Recurring Revenue (gross margin) value would be 5 x 380 x 52 = $98,800

  • Here you can set the following info for Other Annual Fees (eg Perm Revenue)
    • Enter Fee Value
  • The System will calculate the Total Opportunity Value for that Client
  • You also can set the Sales Status - ie indicate where on the pipeline is the client - eg Cold, Presentation Given, Current Client, etc)
  • To set the Contact Rate - ie how frequent would you wish to contact the Client Contact (eg Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, etc) and this auto populates the next contact date for that Client Contact when you are recording a not against their record.

How do I Add Contacts to another users' List?

  • Add the contact person to your list by following the instructions above
  • Locate the contact person on your Contact List screen and view the record
  • Scroll down to 'Assigned To:' drop-down menu and select the User to add to
  • Save Changes
  • The Contact will be added to the specified users' List and removed from your list.

How do I Move a Contact from my List to another users' List?

  • Click on the contact's name on your Contact List
  • Scroll down to 'Assigned To:' drop-down menu and select the User to move to
  • Save Changes
  • The Contact will now be removed from your list and added to the other users' list.

How do I Delete a Contact from my List?

  • Locate the contact to be removed and click on their name to enter the record
  • Click the 'Delete' icon to remove them from your list.

Logging Calls & Updating the Contact's Next Contact/Next Visit Details

How do I move a whole Contact List from one User to another?

Sometimes there is a need to move all of the Contacts assigned to one user to another user. To do this - click on Other in the main toolbar and then click Advanced. If you have access to the Systems Administration tab - click on this and then select the Move Contact List option


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