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The client information needs to be exported into PinvoiceR to ensure that PinvoiceR is aware of how to add any child data such as charge rates and pays.

Check Client Information

Before exporting a Client into PinvoiceR, check the following details are present on their company record in ROL:

Export Client to PinvoiceR.png

  • Tools -> Edit Company

Check that the fields have been entered correctly and there should be no missing data on this screen before exporting.

Export to PinvoiceR

PinvoiceR Export

From the Client record in ROL -> Tools -> PinvoiceR Export

Check the fields on this screen are entered - in particular, the details for the person who will be receiving the invoices should be specified on this screen prior to exporting into PinvoiceR.

Add co4.png

Allocate a Client Code

Click "Add New Billing Location" to export the client details into PinvoiceR.

Once this is done, the client will be automatically assigned a unique Client Code. In the example above, the Client Code for this newly exported client is "RECRUIMA1"

Next you will need to assign the Location Allowed Divisions & WIC Codes for this particular client before you can invoice them. This can either be done in PinvoiceR or from ROL by using the Add Division & Workcover Industry Code/Rate tool.

Set Client Divisions in PinvoiceR.png

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