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FileManager is used for document management within RecruitOnline.

FileManager stores files which can be accessible for all users.

Users can browse folders & files, create new folders, upload new files and delete files.

Standard Docs for Candidate & Client

Go to Tools > File Manager and you will see a folder titled Standard_Docs

Within this folder, there are two folders: Candidate and Client

Files can be uploaded to these folders for use when emailing a Candidate or Client through ROL.

When uploading files here:

  • Use the 'Candidate' folder for Candidates
  • Use the 'Client' folder for Clients

When sending an email in a Candidate or Client record, users have the option to attach files to their emails. The files to choose from can be:

  • The candidate or client's documents (attached on that record's Documents page)
    • and/or
  • Files that have been uploaded to the Candidate or Client folders within the 'Standard_Docs' folder in FileManager.

Importing Files/Resumes Using FileManager

FileManager can be used to bulk-upload Candidates' address book information and import their resume at the same time. You need to have the resumes stored somewhere on your computer system in a folder, then zip (or compress) that folder, ready for uploading into FileManager.

NOTE: Not all types of files (.docx, .rtf, etc) are supported. Most .doc files are compatible, there may be some complications with other files.

  • In FileManager, browse for the zipped folder on your computer and then 'Upload File'
  • Click the check-box next to the folder 'Extract:' and then click the button 'Unzip File(s)'
  • This will create a subfolder within this folder, it will be named your_folder_name_files (it will be appended with '_files')
  • Click into this folder and you will see all the resume files that have been uploaded
  • To start the import, click on the 'Import' link
  • This will take you to the importing page where the 'Add candidate' form will appear on one side and the resume/file details will appear on the opposite side.
    • If the import has trouble picking up the candidates' details (name, address, email etc), then this is useful for you to be able to copy and paste the missing information from the resume/file into the Add Candidate form
  • Add each candidate as the process picks up each resume from the folder in FileManager
  • When complete, you will be notified on screen "Nothing to import"

Once a file has been processed, it will automatically move the file to a new sub-folder called your_folder_name_files_Imported(Date)

If the import fails on a certain file, it will create a sub-folder and move the file into this subfolder, called your_folder_name_files_Import_Failed(Date)

The user can then process these failed files manually if they choose.