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Leads are used in ROL to manage, create and allocate potential sales opportunities that exist for your business. Once qualified, you can use the Opportunities process to manage the sales pipeline for your business.

How to use

From the top toolbar - click on the Tasks & Diary and Add Lead links.

Enter the lead information - and where needed you are able to add in a client and/or a client contact from the form (if there are not already in ROL). Information to enter includes;

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Lead Rating (eg # stars - 1 = 1 star, 5 = 5 star - can be used to subjectively "measure" the level of the lead
  • Source of lead (you can manage the source options - see below)
  • Title
  • Notes
  • Assign Division
  • Assign to User
  • Add to Contacts List - this will add the client contact selected above to the assigned user's Contact List

Then click the + Add New Lead button.

Add Lead.png

View Leads

To see all of the current leads in the system, from the main toolbar click on the Tasks & Diary and Leads links.

View Leads.png

Edit Sources

If you wish to add/edit a lead sources options - click on the Edit Sources button from the View Leads screen.

Lead Sources.png

Convert a Lead to an Opportunity

Once a lead has been qualified (eg whoever has been assigned to the lead has called and confirmed that there is a potential of business) the lead can be converted to an opportunity. To do this,

click on the lead and scroll down and click on the Convert to Opportunity button.

Convert Lead to Opportunity.png

Change Lead Status

In instances, other then converting a lead to an opportunity, you may wish to change/track a lead's status. For example, you may wish to track that you have contacted a lead but not got to the point of confirming there is an opportunity - eg change status to Open - Contacted; or you wish to close a lead as it does not have the potential of an opportunity - eg change status to Closed.

To change a Lead's status, click on the lead and scroll down to the Status drop down box and make the relevant status required, add an Outcome note (optional) and click on the Update button.

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