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The Omibox Search is located in the top toolbar.

ROL Omni Search Box.png

The way it works is the following;

  • If you are searching for a person (Contact or Candidate) you just enter the beginning of their first name and also the beginning of their last name - eg enter "jo sm" would find people such as John Smith, Jon Small, etc)
  • If you are searching for a Company you just enter the beginning of the company name and the beginning of the suburb where they are located - eg enter "wa mo" would get a company like Walker Commercial located in Mosman.
  • You can also just enter one word - eg entering "Walk" would get companies such as Walker Commercial, Walker Chrips, and people such as Christopher Walken etc
  • You can also enter a phone number - eg enter full or partial phone number and it will find candidates, contacts and client records in the database

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