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The Omibox Search is located in the top toolbar.

ROL Omni Search Box.png

The way it works is the following;

  • If you are searching for a person (Contact or Candidate) you just enter the beginning of their first name and also the beginning of their last name - eg enter "jo sm" would find people such as John Smith, Jon Small, etc)
  • If you are searching for a Company you just enter the beginning of the company name and the beginning of the suburb where they are located - eg enter "wa mo" would get a company like Walker Commercial located in Mosman.
  • You can also just enter one word - eg entering "Walk" would get companies such as Walker Commercial, Walker Chrips, and people such as Christopher Walken etc
  • You can also enter a phone number - eg enter full or partial phone number and it will find candidates, contacts and client records in the database

Note that there is a limit of 200 candidate, contact, or company records returned. If there are a large number of people with the same first name you may not find the record you are looking for, e.g. searching for just "John" may only return all the John A's to John M's but miss those further down the alphabet, so you need to be more specific and include part of their surname.

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