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What is it?

This feature is available to our Corporate and Enterprise customers as a core module and and optional module for other SLA level customers

The Online Registration Ticket system is a tool that allows you to set up classes of candidates (eg: Casuals vs Permanent applicants) to undertake specific steps in the online registration process.

In simple terms it creates a 100% paperless registration system.

Key Benefits

  • Better candidate experience
  • Zero administration
  • Better time management
  • Opens up staff to focus on other activities

How does it work?

  • The Recruiter books an appointment for the candidate of a specific type
    • To trigger the online registration go to a candidate record then Diary & Tasks > Temporary Registration (names may vary). If you just want to send the online registration check 'Do not save the appointment, just send the online registration' then 'Save Appointment'
  • An email is sent to the candidate advising them to log onto the ROL::Candidates Portal and follow the prompts
  • The candidate completes the steps out lined for the type of role they are going for
    • These steps are individual pages of your candidate portal
    • These pages can be core to RecruitOnline or custom modules
  • Once all of the steps are complete the Recruiter gets an email alert

Best Practices

1. Give the candidate 24+ hours to complete the interview or provide them with access to a PC to do it prior to interview.

Technical Notes

Enable ORT