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About Online Timesheets

For customers using both RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR the online timesheet system allows employees to lodge their hours and have them approved by their supervisor.


The first step to a candidate creating an online timesheet is booking them into a job see Temp_Orders:_Fill_Job

Make sure the client contact has login details to access the portal, they will also need to have a Timesheet Approval Level set (Manager / Supervisor)

Employee Enters Hours

Once an employee has completed their hours they can log onto the candidate portal and enter their hours via the online timesheet system. See the Assign_Candidate_Login_Details page for further info on how to assign log in details to a candidate.

Once the employee has has logged in they can select "Temporary Staff" from the top menu and then select "Timesheets"

Candiate list timesheet orders.png

Then the employee can add a timesheet by clicking the "add timesheet button" - this will then display a list of their current jobs. The employee selects the appropriate job and click's on Add/ Edit and the screen to enter hours will be displayed.

Candidate enter hours.png

The employee enters the date, hours worked and amount of break time and then clicks save Changes

  • NOTE - The form will automatically add the hours to the next day/ row - these will not upload, only the rows with a selected start AND finish time will upload once the save changes button is clicked

Candidate- hours- autocomplete.png

Employee Approval

The employee needs to approve the hours they have entered in their timesheet. They can do this by selecting 'Approve hours" at the bottom left of the screen. Please note the "Payroll notes" section can be used for communication between the employee and the employer for other pay instructions eg: Travel time, requesting certificates etc


A warning message will be displayed advising the employee that they can no longer edit the hours past this point. If all ok the employee chooses "Approve Hours".

A message in the system is then generated to the client contact in ROL to approve the hours.

Client Approve Employee's Hours

The client logs into the Client Portal and selects "jobs" and then "timesheets" from the top menu.

Client approve timesheets.png

The client chooses the job from the list on the screen by clicking on it. A list of the timehsheets/ hours is displayed to approve.The client can then approve the hours by clicking "approve Hours" at the bottom left of screen

Client approve hours button.png

A warning message appears to advise the client they cannot edit this once approved. They can then click "approve hours". Once this step is complete the hours can then be imported into payROL. See here for details Import_Hours

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