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A list of Candidate or Contact search results can be sent an

  • SMS and Email
  • SMS only, or
  • Email only

via the 'Message Contacts' or 'Message Candidates' function.

How to

  • Bring up a list of records (either Candidates or Contacts), via the Search function or via a report from a page within ROL <--- How do I do this? See: View a list of Records from an Existing ROL page Report
    • This cannot be done for Company records, only Contact records within Companies
  • Click the 'Message Contacts' or 'Message Candidates' button
  • Enter the details on the form:
    • Email Subject:
    • Email Message:
    • SMS Message:
  • Click 'Send Message' to submit.

Once submitted, a report will show the records which were:

  • Sent an Email
  • Sent a SMS
  • Failed to send either

How This Works:

  • You can select to send an SMS, an Email message, or both.
  • Leaving the sms message or the email subject blank will indicate what you wish to send.
  • There is a validity check done on the mobile number and the email address. If ROL believes the number or address to be inaccurate then it will skip that record.
  • If both SMS message and and email subject are entered then ROL will try to send an SMS but if the mobile does not appear to be valid it will send an email.
  • SMS sent and Email sent notes will be added against the records.

Things to Note

  • Unlike the 'SMS Send & Receive' function of Recruit Online, the Send Bulk Message feature will not append the users' Company name at the end of the message, so be aware that it is a good idea to finish your text message with your name, contact phone & company name so that the Candidate or Contact is aware of who is sending the SMS.
  • Try to limit your SMS characters to 157, this way only 1 text will be sent to each record in the list, otherwise the system will break the message into 2 (or more) parts and send them separately.
  • If your text message is particularly long, it may be more beneficial to only send an Email message instead of populating anything in the SMS field.

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