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RecruitOnline uses numeric levels between 1 and 9 to allow or deny access to specific pages.

There are two components to this system:

  • Each User has an attribute called USER_LEVEL (0-10)
  • Each Page has can have a number value assigned for its USER_LEVEL

User can only see their user level pages and below.

Best Practices

It is best to have most users & pages on 2-3 so that if you need to create 
less privileged user groups then you can do so without having to change 
existing users

Do not fall into the trap of letting senior managers or managers all
having "Top Level Access" unless their role requires them to administer 
the systems - most manager "manage" and most administrators "administrate" 

Blocking Users

  • To block a user or users from a page set the page's user level to a number higher than theirs
  • If the page is already at an elevated level and you wish block the users from accessing the page then lower their USER_LEVEL in the /user.settings page. If you are a designated admin this page will show extended edit features (otherwise it only shows the logged in users profile edit parameters)