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The User Manager feature has been set up to allow the configuration of ROL Users to your database. **Please note that adding users may result in increased charges (please refer to your licence agreement)**


There are several different parts of the system to serve several different functions.

User Report

The "User Report" screen is the default home screen for User Manager. Displayed on this page will be a list of each User within your system.

This will list each User's:

  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Status (whether they are an active, current licensed user)
  • Divisions & Groups (if they have been placed in divisions and groups)
    • Divisions are used for clients with more than one division, location, site etc, and Groups also apply to clients who have more than one group type or need to permit certain users to view certain areas of ROL and restrict others.

The screen also has a text box to "Add New User" and select their default division/location.

There is a "Show All" button which will display a list of all users attached to your database (active and non active) on screen. By default, the report will appear initially with only the currently active users on the system unless you click "Show All".

report screen

Adding A User

Adding a new user starts by entering a new Username into the "Add New User" text box. Best practice for creating a username is the format: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME in capital letters. Following this, you can select the default division from the drop down list and then click on the "Add User" button. Once submitted, you will be prompted to edit the user details (first name, last name, title etc) for the user you have created. Complete the details for each tab.

add a user

Editing A User

Editing the user, after making changes on any of the tabs - click on the green "Save all changes" button. You do not need to click save at each tab.

Personal Details

This screen is where you can add in the user's personal details (First name, last name, email etc).

  • "Time Offset" - this is an important setting as this allows the time stamp that is added to the notes made by the user to be set to their local time and not the time of the location of the server. For example, the User may be in Perth and the server is in Sydney, the user would require the notes to be set to Perth time.
  • "Send Daily Summary" - set this to Yes or No depending on whether you require the system to email the user "My Day" emails which include details of upcoming appointments, tasks etc for the day.
  • "Max Number of Rows In Reports" - set a number of how many results you wish to see on the screen from a search query. The default setting is 50.

KPI & Account Profile

Key performance indicators can be set from this tab. Add in a number target, select whether they are a Recruiter (this means they can appear on job lists etc as opposed to an Admin setting which cannot) or Manager (manager means they can approve quotes etc). You can also delete or make a user inactive from this screen.

Access To Divisions

Add the divisions you wish the user to have access to within the database. Default division is selected in the drop down menu above the list of divisions. Other divisions you wish to give the user access to are selected by ticking the check-box on the list below the drop-down menu. If there is no list of divisions, then a default division cannot be selected.


This tab is where you can setup the user's password or reset the users' password for them if required. A password will not be accepted if it is less than 8 characters long. Best practice for passwords is to include numbers and capital letters.

Security Groups

This section allows users access to different functions and sections of the system. For example 'Finance' or 'Management'. Every user must be assigned to at least one permission group to log on, the default group being named "DEFAULT".

Mailbox Synchronisation

On the system user manager screen, top right-hand side of the page is the Configure Importing button. Use this to set up importing of emails directly into ROL as notes. If there is an error message, email will not import. If successful you will receive a message stating "mailbox connection successful". See How can I synchronise my email with RecruitOnline

mail synchronisation


How do I remove a user account?

Removing or making a user inactive is done by clicking on the edit button (the button with the pencil to the left of the username) from the User Manager home screen. Select the "KPI's & Tools" tab and then the bottom drop-down menu "Is Deleted / InActive", select 'YES' and save changes. The user will no longer be able to access ROL.

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