How Dynamic Staffing Solutions uses

RecruitOnline to win more business

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

Sectors: Industrial, Transport, Food, Sales, Administration, Trades, Manufacturing

Client Since: 2018

Melbourne based Dynamic Staffing Solutions provides recruitment and employment solutions to candidates and a diverse range of companies throughout Australia. 


One of Dynamic’s prospect clients was frustrated that their current labour hire provider was unable to ensure that candidates supplied were both successfully inducted and 100% compliant when they reported to the site.   This resulted in an increase in resources from the HR team to manage the increased safety risk incurred and a poor return on investment. 


Using the RecruitOnline customised onboarding process and compliance management system,  Dynamic were able to validate to the business that they could achieve 100% compliance of all labour hire staff onsite. 


Dynamic presented their proposal, demonstrating each step in the onboarding and compliance management process, and successfully won the client’s business.


The prospect Client was constantly frustrated that their staffing agency was unable to ensure that all candidates were both successfully inducted to their site and 100% compliant at all times.  The inefficiency of the incumbent labour hire firm to achieve this expectation created both an increased safety risk and increased costs to their business by having to allocate additional HR resources to attempt to resolve the issue.   The additional burden and impact overall made the outsourcing of labour hire both an ineffective cost to the business and poor return on investment. 

Enter the team at Dynamic Staffing Solutions who knew they had both the staff and the systems in place to solve their customers’ problems.  

In commenting on the challenge of winning the client, Dean Laidlaw (Sales Director of Dynamic Staffing Solutions) said “in having in-depth knowledge of our RecruitOnline system I knew we would be able to create an easy to use a customised onboarding process that would address the concerns of the client and also be able to easily validate the achievement of 100% compliant staff inducted to their site.”

Dean saw an opportunity to win the client by demonstrating to the client’s HR Team the exact steps and processes a candidate would follow and how his team would be able to use RecruitOnline to successfully manage all the required compliance tracking and reporting.     

The process that Dean designed using the customisable RecruitOnline online registration process included:

  • The opportunity to welcome and engage the candidate via the portal
  • The candidate to be able to read, accept and the system automatically store a copy of all policy and procedures
  • The ability for the candidate to digitally sign all required documentation (without any 3rd party app or cost)
  • The system to validate via date/time and note made automatically on the candidate record that each part of the process has been completed by the candidate.
  • The ability to enable the required documents to be viewed by the client in their portal provided by RecruitOnline
  • The ability of the candidate to upload all licence/compliance and documentation required.
  • Able to provide financial & payroll onboarding details in the same process. 

Once the candidate had completed the onboarding process,  the RecruitOnline system automatically managed the compliance tracking and reporting for him.

  • Any documentation provided was automatically uploading to the candidate’s record and could be accessed within both the Client and Candidate portals
  • For those documents that were required to be tracked/managed to be automatically added to the system’s compliance management tracking and reporting functionality. 
  • A series of compliance flags could be added to the system to ensure that no candidate was able to attend the site without the validation of a Dynamic Staff member 
  • The team at Dynamic Staffing was able to manage the applicant flow and invitations to the onboarding process to ensure that only those candidates who were deemed suited to the client were invited to the customised onboarding process. 

The end result was Dynamic Staffing Solution secured the client’s business,  successfully achieving an outsourced labour-hire solution that was both cost-effective, efficient and offered a significant return on investment and customer satisfaction.